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The Shark is Broken

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The Shark is Broken

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The Shark is Broken is a moving and brilliantly hilarious behind-the-scenes drama, and celebration of movie history.

From the Jaws of defeat, came a Hollywood victory.

FADE IN: The open ocean, 1974. Production on Jaws is delayed…again. The film’s lead actors—theatre veteran Robert Shaw and young Hollywood hotshots, Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider—are crammed into a too-small boat, entirely at the mercy of foul weather and a faulty mechanical co-star. Alcohol flows, egos collide, and tempers flare on a chaotic voyage that just might lead to cinematic magic…if it doesn’t sink them all.

Ian Shaw (War Horse and Common, National Theatre) stars as his father, actor Robert Shaw, in a piece inspired by his iconic performance a Quint and his stories of choppy waters on-set.

The Olivier-nominated West End hit comes to Broadway this summer. “Ian Shaw gives one of the most exhilarating theatrical performances of the Year” [5 stars, Evening Standard], “Sensational Fun” [5 stars, Sunday Express], “Do Not Miss” [5 stars, Sunday Mirror], and “Absolutely spellbinding” [4 stars, Daily Mail].

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